VocationsVocations Committee

Volunteers seek to raise the awareness of all parishioners to the urgent need for religious vocations. They support and encourage those now in the religious life, promote and encourage the call to religious vocations.

Vocations Education

Volunteers provide information to the community and foster discernment of vocations through existing programs. High school youth may participate.

Traveling Chalice

Volunteers foster family prayer and encourage discernment of vocations in the family. Families sign up ahead of time and receive the “Traveling Chalice” at Mass and retain it for one week.

Mission Rosaries

Volunteers pray for vocations and assist the missions in spreading the gospel. They assemble rosaries that are sent to missionaries for distribution. Youth may participate.

The Loving Environment of a Family

The loving environment of a family draws forth an individual's greatest talents & gifts.  We've come to realize that creating an atmosphere in which children can hear the Lord's call is one of the most significant responsibilities resting on our shoulders as parents.  Our own lives must reflect the presence of God, His Word and the love He offers His people.

Parents, do you encourage your children to develop their talents and gifts?  Do you encourage your children to think of Church ministry as a possible life choice?  We have been blessed with several young people who have been called to religious vocations.  Caitlyn Reedy has joined "Carmel of the Holy Spirit" in Littleton, CO.  Courtney Elder is with the "Religious Sisters of Mercy" in Germany.  Jason Keas is continuing his Seminary training.  Brittany Keas is prayerfully considering rejoining a religious community. Keep them in your prayers...