Ladies Auxiliary

Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: 

The members of the Auxiliary are women of diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences who come together to support the Knights of Columbus in all their functions.  The Auxiliary is primarily an organization for, although not limited to, women who are wives, widows, mothers, unmarried sisters or daughters (18 years or older) of a living member in good standing of the Knights of Columbus or a deceased member of the Knights.  Women need not be members of the Catholic faith but must support the tenets of the Catholic faith. 


We also support both our Parish and our community in numerous other ways.  The Ladies volunteer as a group at many Parish activities, such as the Parish Picnic, Oktoberfest, and the Craft Fair & Bake Sale.  Funds raised by the Auxiliary support a wide variety of charitable organizations and faith formation activities throughout the community and the Parish.  The Auxiliary has, for example, donated funds to provide bibles for St. Patrick elementary faith formation and the purchase of new items for the nursery.  We have financially supported the Mobile Pregnancy Center and the parish’s Religious Freedom activities.  The Ladies led the way in obtaining the Ten Commandments monument in front of the Church, provided scholarships for Marriage Encounter weekends, and donated pajamas for children entering foster care.


The Ladies Auxiliary also strives to enhance fellowship and friendship among the members.  Our monthly meetings end with a social evening with the Knights.  We enjoy a wide variety of social activities throughout the year, both with the Knights and separately as a group.  As our Parish T-shirts say, “We pray together, we play together, we serve together.” For more information, contact President Irene Knudsen at (719)598-3595x140.


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