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If you shop at please consider using the Knights of Columbus Council #9993 OUR AMAZON LINK. When you use our link, our council will earn a commission on every purchase you make.

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Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus

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Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference. We provide that opportunity. The Mission of the St. Patrick Knights of Columbus Council is to develop the role of Catholic men to better understand and live our lives as Knights for the greater honor and glory of God. We practice the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism in activities that support and strengthen our families, youth, council, church and community. Our primary mission is to support our Parish. It is what we can do for the Parish – not what the Parish can do for us. We have an outstanding reputation and a long record of service to community and church.  Our Council was organized in 1989 and although not a “ministry” of St. Patrick, we are an integral part of the fabric of the Parish.  We have approximately 200 members. 

One of our projects is an annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of youth with mental disabilities.  We give away candy at local stores and offer patrons an opportunity to donate.  Another activity is a monthly pancake breakfast to foster community within the Parish.  We provide a media kiosk at the rear of the church with CDs that assist parishioners to grow in faith. Often when there's chillin' and grillin' or set up to do for Oktoberfest, the parish picnic, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the Knights are there. We are strong advocates for a Culture of Life in our society, and are Pro-Family!  We helped provide the ultrasound machine for the Colorado Springs Mobile Pregnancy Center, and provide financial support for its operation monthly.

The whole idea is to Be Involved, and you will get back more than you give! If this sounds appealing to you, please join us!  Visit us at our web site or contact our Grand Knight.

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