Parish History

CloverSt. Patrick, established in July 1981, is part of the Metro North Region of the Diocese of Colorado Springs.  Fr. John Slattery was the founding pastor, and was succeeded by Fr. Don Dunn, Fr. Don Brownstein, Deacon Dick Brown and Fr. Bradford Noonan.  Fr. Larry Solan is the current pastor. From 30 families, St. Patrick has grown to 2,300 registered families with 7,000 members.

From its inception, St. Patrick has been known as a hospitable, caring, and giving community committed to Tithing - the sharing of our blessings with others. Hundreds of parishioners practice stewardship by volunteering their time and talent in parish and community ministries, councils, committees, and organizations. St. Patrick offers an extensive range of religious formation programs, from preschool through adult, a vibrant RCIA program, Stephen Ministry, Social Ministry programs, with an active Parish Life committee providing parishioners and visitors the opportunity to participate in many parish-wide a celebrations and events.

In December of 2004, St. Patrick completed its remodel and expansion of the existing church narthex, sanctuary and nave.  In addition, the St. Patrick Center for Formation and Mission, housing the faith formation and mission activities along with parish administrative offices was completed, bringing cohesiveness to all of the parish operations.

Building History


December, 1995 Purchased land from Bonnie Fitzpatrick
March, 1996 Facilities Analysis Team (FAT) Formed
September, 1996 1st Parish-wide Survey Conducted
April, 1997 2nd Parish-wide Survey Conducted
November, 1997 Proposed Master Plan to Diocesan Building & Property Commission
- FAT Disbanded; Work Accomplished
- Program Issues Forwarded to Pastoral Council
- Follow-on Master Plan Development - Building & Property Committee
December, 1997 Formal Diocesan Response Received - Expressed Reservations
- Not Appealing as Presented
- Building Intensive
December, 1998 Follow-up Presentation to Diocesan Building & Property Commission
- Concurred with Diocesan Reservations
- Request Approval & Guidance on Reworking Master Plan
Dec, 1998 - June 1999 Revised Parish Master Plan and Presented to Pastoral Council
June, 1999 - June, 2000 Master Plan Review by parish groups, additional revisions, Presentation and Approval by Diocesan Biuilding & Property Commission
Nov, 2000 - Apr 2001 Prepared and Submitted Site Development Plan to City of Colorado Springs
May - July, 2001 Conducted "With Grateful Hearts…" Capital Campaign
October, 2001 Revised Site Development Plan Approval
June - December, 2001 Solicited Architect Interest & Conducted Selection Process, Selected Architects
December, 2002 Schematic Design Approval from Diocese
April - July 2003 Solicited & Selected General Contractor for Pre-Construction Services
July 2003 Ceremonial Ground Breaking
August 2003 Detail Design Approval from Diocese of Colorado Springs
December 2003 Construction Documents & Supporting Financial Proforma Approval from Diocese of Colorado Springs Approval to Proceed with Construction
March 2004 Construction Begins
December 2004 Construction Complete
December 18, 2004 DEDICATION

Parish History 1981-1987

Click Here for more historical picturesSt. Patrick Parish began to come to life as a faith community of May 21, 1981, when the Archbishop of Denver, James Vincent Casey, sent a letter to Father John Slattery naming him as the founding pastor effective July 1, 1981. At that time, Father John was serving as pastor of St. Jude’s parish in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver. The establishment of the parish was greatly facilitated by the donation of four and one half acres of prime property to the Archdiocese by Miss Bonnie Fitzpatrick. That generous gift enhanced the rapid development of the parish considerably and the parish remains indebted to her.

Father John rented a home, at 6625 Snowbird Drive, and moved there on July 15, 1981. The first parish organizational meeting was held on August 2, 1981. Weekday masses here held in Father John’s home, as well as the first meetings of the Liturgy, Welcome and Registration, Planning and Building, Social Concerns, and the Education Committees.

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Bonnie Fitzpatrick

Bonnie Fitzpatrick Bonnie Fitzpatrick’s family traveled by covered wagon to Colorado Springs.  Bonnie worked at the Broadmoor cleaning rooms and carefully saving her earnings.  On the advice of a banker, she began to use some of those hard earned dollars and bought property.  For many years, cattle grazed the lands.  Bonnie also opened the Dublin House, which for many years was one of the area’s premier restaurants.  One day Bonnie envisioned the placement of a Catholic Church.  She approached Bishop Hanifen with a gift of land and two requirements: that the church would be called Saint Patrick and that the church would be built within 7 years.

Born May 8, 1921 Died November 13th, 2007 in Colorado Springs.  Survived by a daughter, Lucky King.  Funeral St. Patrick Church, Saturday after November 16. 2007 at 10 AM

History Book

St Patrick Catholic Church Parish started in May 1981.  Miss Bonnie Fitzpatrick generously donated the 4 ½ acres on Dominion Drive and in April, 1986 the ground breaking ceremony took place.  The first mass in the new church was on February 15, 1987.

Fr. John Slattery was appointed our founding pastor.  The Diocese of Colorado Springs was established in January, 1984, and Fr. Slattery was named as vicar general, decreasing his time to serve St. Pat’s.  Fr. Don Brownstein was named assistant pastor in May, 1984.  By December 1984, we had 1.500 parishioners.

In December 1982, Nearly 450 People celebrated Christmas Mass in the rental property in the Erindale Shopping Center.  It was affectionately known as “St. Yakitori because of the local restaurant in the same shopping center.  Early Parishioners remember the enticing aroma of lunch cooking during the noon mass.

In June, 1987, Father Slattery became the Diocesan Vicar General, and Father Donald F. Dunn was named Pastor.  He served us for two years.  Meanwhile, Father Don Brownstein returned in 1989 as our third pastor (1989-2001).  Deacon Dick Brown was our Parish Director from February-December 2001.  Other Priests have been Father Dan Ayers, Father Jerry Borer, Father Bill Martinez, Father Steve Parlet, Father Chet Soleta, and Father Bill Thro.  Father Brad Noonan was named as our fourth Pastor in December 2001, and served until  June, 2008 when Father Larry Solan was named our fifth and current Pastor.

  • Fr SlatteryJuly 1, 1981 Father John Slattery officially becomes the Founding Pastor.  
  • September 5, 1981    First Saturday Liturgy held at the Sheraton Inn.
  • September 6, 1981    First Sunday Liturgy held at Fremont School.
  • October 31, 1981     Liturgies moved to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Building.
  • January 30, 1982    Erindale Shoppping Center becomes our temporary “home”.
  • March 14, 1982    Formal Blessing of the church space and installation of Fr. John Slattery as pastor
  • April 6, 1986        Ground Breaking for New Building
  • February 15, 1987    First Liturgies celebrated in our new church building
  • June 6, 1987        Dedication of new church building
  • July 1. 1987        Fr. Donald Dunn becomes Pastor

Assistant/Associate Pastors:

Fr. Donald Brownstein
Fr. William Martinez
Fr. C.A. Soleta, C.S.C.