Small Church Community

What is a Small Church Community?

A Small Church Community (SCC) is a group of (6-12) adults, youth, or families who  gather to reflect on their lives in light of the Gospel and to share their Christian faith through prayer, friendship, and service.  Like the early Christians, we gather in small groups, most frequently in homes.  This experience allows a deep sharing of faith and life, which can lead to action on behalf of others.  In this trusted environment, relationships are formed in which sharing, listening, and genuine communication are  nurtured. 

Individuals and families are strengthened in their walk with Jesus by participating in a SCC.

Though each SCC is unique in its leadership, style, and meeting format, they have the following characteristics:

Mutual Support & Faith Sharing

Formation in Scripture




Snack & Social

Outreach Beyond the SCC

 SCC Brochure