SYMBOLON is a program now available to everyone in the parish to learn more about our Catholic faith.  The Greek word “Symbolon” refers to an ancient clay tablet (like a cookie) that was broken and given to two individuals as a sign of recognition.  Later when they met and matched the two pieces they were certain of their relationship with each other.  The Church Fathers called the Creed a “Symbolon” because it ensured that their faith matched the teaching of Jesus and the faith of the apostles.

Father Larry is excited about the program and sees it as a way for the St Patrick family to grow more closely together as we learn our Catholic faith more deeply, and pray and live it out together.

For more information, contact Eric Siverts at 598-3595 ext 119 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The SYMBOLON program consists of two parts. One teaches the key doctrines of faith using beautiful videos and supporting material featuring respected Catholic scholars and teachers. These are the 18 teaching Episodes:

Episode 1: The Journey of Faith, Trinity, Faith and the God who is Love

Episode 2: Divine Revelation, God seeking Us and the Compass for our lives

Episode 3: The Bible, God’s Love Letter to Humanity

Episode 4: The Story of Salvation, Creation, Fall and Redemption

Episode 5: Who is Jesus? Just a Good Man or Lord of our Lives?

Episode 6: The Paschal Mystery, The Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Episode 7: The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace, God’s Divine Life Within Us

Episode 8: Why do I Need the Church? The Mystery of the Catholic Church

Episode 9: Mary and the Saints, Our Spiritual Mother and the Communion of the Saints

Episode 10: The Last Things, What Happens After We Die?

Episode 11: The Sacraments – Baptism & Confirmation, Gateway to the Spiritual Life

Episode 12: The Eucharist, Source and Summit of Christian Life

Episode 13: A Walk Through the Mass, Exploring the Sacred Liturgy

Episode 14: Marriage & Holy Orders, The Sacraments of Service and Communion

Episode 15: A Catholic Moral Vision, The Power of a Virtuous Life

Episode 16: A Love that Lasts, God’s Plan for Love & Sexuality

Episode 17: Catholic Social Teaching, Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Episode 18: Penance & Anointing of the Sick, God’s Mercy Revealed


The other part of SYMBOLON breaks open the Scriptures read at Sunday and weekday Masses with video and audio reflections that explain their context and meaning.

Both of these parts are useful for individuals, families, and small faith sharing groups to delve into the Scriptures and teachings of the Catholic faith and to enrich participation in the Liturgy of the Mass.