Called and Gifted Spiritual Gifts Discernment Program

Growing in Holiness Through the Called and Gifted pdf C&G at St Patrick general info (126 KB)

"What heart would not be stoked to love by a sister like Saint Therese of Lisieux or a brother like Saint Ignatius?  Who would not grow more selfless with Saint Francis as a neighbor or Joseph of Nazareth as a co-worker? If living in the company of saints would be a blessing, would not our own holiness be likewise for everyone we encounter?...Nothing has more radical public consequence than holiness."   (Steven P. White, fellow in the Catholic Studies Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Wash D.C.)

We too, are called to be holy – to make God’s love present to those we encounter and make a difference in this world.  God equips us with spiritual gifts, or charisms, at Baptism and Confirmation to use for the benefit of others.  Not sure how God may be calling you?  The Called and Gifted Program offered regularly at St. Patrick can help you discern.  Contact Ann – 531-6725 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the next small group offering.



Another component of the Finance Council and Pastoral Council is coordinating the Stewardship for the parish. From our very beginning as a parish, St. Patrick was established as a “Tithing Parish.” Ten (10) percent of every dollar given in the general offertory has gone to charity. We proudly continue this today. The pastors of our parish have maintained a wonderful spirit of involvement of the lay faithful. Our parishioners offer their “TIME-TALENT-TREASURE” to benefit others.

Stewardship Prayer 

Almighty and ever faithful Lord, gratefully acknowledging your mercy and humbly admitting our need, we pledge our trust in you and each other. Filled with desire, we respond to your call for discipleship by shaping our lives in imitation of Christ. We profess your gifts gratefully, cherish and tend them in a responsible manner, share them in practice and love with others and return them with increase to the Lord. We as parish and diocesan leaders, pledge to our ongoing formation as stewards, our responsibility to call our people to that same endeavor. Almighty and ever faithful God, it is our fervent hope and prayer that you who have begun this good work in us will bring it to fulfillment. Amen.

Returning God's Gifts

Live the Faith...

The Most Important Gift You Can Give

This is the theme for Returning God's Gifts 2015 --

St. Patrick Catholic Church is pleased to participate in this annual campaign. Each year our Diocese starts a new appeal for funding to support many critical programs:  Tuition assistance for Catholic school students including those at St. Mary's High School, Campus Ministry, Hispanic Ministry, Capuchin Mall Ministry, Charismatic Renewal, Evangelization, Youth Ministry, Marriage & Family Life Ministry, Partners in Housing, Catholic Charities, Training and Certification of Catechists, Formation of good and holy priests and deacons to serve here, and projects in our own Parish.

The goal for St. Patrick is $162,986; last year we exceeded our goal.  Our parish receives a full 20% rebate of the goal when it is paid.