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Fr. Larry's Letter To The Parish

I pray this note finds you and yours in good health and spirits!

   This brief note is to follow up on my homily this past weekend about our need to increase our offertory (regular Sunday giving).  I explained our salary needs: because of the additional priest and cost of living increase.  But I'd like to also in this letter express my ongoing gratitude to you who support our parish with your time and talent.  This parish cannot exist without our marvelous and dedicated staff and our talented numerous volunteers scattered among our many ministries.  Our parish is run by our lay volunteers and staff and for that I am constantly and prayerfully in gratitude.

   I would ask that as you receive this note you engage all those living in your household and dialogue about the importance St. Patrick has in each of your lives.  How are you touched by the Eucharist we celebrate?  How are you touched by the preaching?  How are you touched by the outreach, our programs, our educational opportunities, social experiences?  All these, I pray, have a major impact on your daily and spiritual life.

   An old adage is:  “Give 'til it hurts.”  Well, I have never believed in that.  In God, in our spirituality, I absolutely believe in: “Give 'til it feels good!”  I know that I am proud of that which God has allowed me to do charitably; I pray you are as well.  Talk to your children about what it means to be charitable and help those in need: All in the name of our Lord.

   Your participation in making an increase in your offertory gift will help sustain our wonderful parish while also addressing the unique pastoral needs in our community.  Thank you for considering an increase!  Your increased donation will make a lasting difference here at St. Patrick.  I am not sending out any pledge card…I trust and pray I shall just see the fruits in our upcoming weekends' offertory.

   I pray for you, and I am your brother in Christ,

   Rev. Lawrence T. Solan, D.Min.


 A link to our ONLINE giving ability is: and click on DONATE NOW.

 A link to our 2014 financial, that you might see full disclosure, is and click on 2014 Financial Report under Parish Headlines.