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These are a few of our favorite resources for daily personal reflections:



Scriptural Rosary


An updated version of the "Scriptural Rosary" is now available for download. The updated version now features more help with the optional meditation aids. There is an expanded selection of religious art; scripture verses now linked to the NAB on the USCCB website; and there is a revised set of "additional Jesus clause" suggestions for each decade. Also as you pray the Rosary and hear God speak to you there are suggestion for journaling ("My Growth in the Lord.").

Click on the following links to view each Mystery:

pdf Scriptural Rosary - Joyful Mysteries (8.83 MB)

pdf Scriptural Rosary - Sorrowful Mysteries (7.91 MB)

pdf Scriptural Rosary - Luminous Mysteries (8.37 MB)

pdf Scriptural Rosary - Glorious Mysteries (7.94 MB)

Spiritual Reflections from the St. Patrick Parish Bulletin

pdf 7-30-2017_Solidarity (397 KB)

pdf 7-23-2017_Praying From Life (688 KB)

pdf 7-16-2017_Learning To Listen (511 KB)

pdf 7-9-2017_Stop (406 KB)

pdf 7-2-2017_Pilgrims On A Journey (403 KB)

pdf 6-25-2017_What Is Ordinary About Faith (405 KB)

pdf 6-18-2017_Body and Blood (719 KB)

pdf 6-11-2017_With One United Spirit (607 KB)

pdf 6-4-2017_Living Pentecost (429 KB)

pdf 5-28-2017_Ascend As We Descend (386 KB)

pdf 5-21-2017_Open Your Eyes (252 KB)

pdf 5-14-2017_An Authentic Witness (336 KB)

pdf 5-7-2017_Purpose of Existence (368 KB)

pdf 4-30-2017_The Little Things In Life (359 KB)

pdf 4-23-2017_Nothing Without Mercy (360 KB)

pdf 4-16-2017_Mericles of Epic Proportion (424 KB)

pdf 4-9-2017_God So Among Us-Part VI_Take Up Your Cross (280 KB)

pdf 3-26-2017_God So Among Us-Part IV_Back To Nature (268 KB)

pdf 3-19-2017_God So Among Us - Part III_Living Prayer (220 KB)

pdf 3-12-2017_God So Among Us - Part II_Flying (218 KB)

pdf 3-5-2017_God So Among Us - Part 1_Inspiried (222 KB)

pdf 1-29-2017_God Around Us 3 - A World of Love (587 KB)

pdf 1-22-2017_God Around Us 2-Called To Be Christ (644 KB)

pdf 1-15-2017_God Around Us 1-The Nothingness That Surrounds Us (614 KB)

pdf 1-8-2017_A Prayer For Today (344 KB)

pdf 1-1-2017_The Greatest Prayer (322 KB)

pdf 12-25-2016_Christmas Prayer (315 KB)

pdf 12-18-2016_The Bond of Humanity - I V (295 KB)

pdf 12-11-2016_The Bond of Humanity - I I I (281 KB)

pdf 12-4-2016_The Bond of Humanity - I I (276 KB)

pdf 11-27-2016_The Bond of Humanity - I (250 KB)

pdf 11-20-2016_Mercy Never Ends (233 KB)

pdf 11-13-2016_Lord May This Be My Prayer (49 KB)

pdf 11-6-2016_Wherever You Lead Me (72 KB)

pdf 10-30-2016_God So Evident (74 KB)

pdf 10-22-2016_A Life Worth Living (201 KB)

pdf 10-16-2016_An Instrument of Peace (178 KB)

pdf 10-9-2016_Open To The Spirit (200 KB)

pdf 10-2-2016_Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (316 KB)

pdf 9-25-2016_Who Is Your Presence (379 KB)

pdf 9-18-2016_Devote Your Talents (331 KB)

pdf 9-11-2016_Where Is Your Time (414 KB)

pdf 9-4-2016_Surrender All To God (420 KB)

pdf 8-28-2016_Whom Shall I Love (514 KB)

pdf 8-21-2016_Of This World (375 KB)

pdf 8-14-2016_Psalm of My Soul 69 (329 KB)

pdf 8-7-2016_To Be Holy (420 KB)

pdf 7-31-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 9 (230 KB)

pdf 7-24-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 8 (294 KB)

pdf 7-17-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 7 (293 KB)

pdf 7-10-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 6 (378 KB)

pdf 7-3-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 5 (329 KB)

pdf 6-26-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 4 (292 KB)

pdf 6-19-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 3 (427 KB)

pdf 6-12-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 2 (289 KB)

pdf 6-5-2016_Novena For Mercy - Week 1 (420 KB)

pdf 5-29-2016_Waterfall of Grace (434 KB)

pdf 5-22-2016_May We Be One (277 KB)

pdf 5-15-2016_Alive Within My Soul (193 KB)

pdf 5-8-2016_Ascend Within My Soul (233 KB)

pdf 5-1-2016_What Is Love (256 KB)

pdf 4-24-2016_The Storms of One's Soul (241 KB)

pdf 4-17-2016_Joy Is A Flower (160 KB)

pdf 4-10-2016_Sacred Silence (161 KB)

pdf 4-3-2014_Light Which Flows (258 KB)

pdf 3-27-2016_This Is Who We Are (138 KB)

pdf 3-20-2016_How Shall I Go On (217 KB)

pdf 3-13-2016_How Shall I Begin (229 KB)

pdf 3-6-2016_What Am I To Do (235 KB)

pdf 2-28-2016_Where Shall I Go (172 KB)

pdf 2-21-2016_Shall I Listen (191 KB)

pdf 2-14-2016_Can I Speak (234 KB)

pdf 2-7-2016_The Reality of Hope (310 KB)

pdf 1-31-2016_Embracing All (307 KB)

pdf 1-24-2016_Freedom of Faith (413 KB)

pdf 1-17-2016_The Effect of You (435 KB)

pdf 1-10-2016_Looking From A Different Angle (448 KB)

pdf 1-3-2016_Give To Us Your Peace (328 KB)

pdf 12-27-2015_The Bond of Perfection.pdf (347 KB)

pdf 12-20-2015_Because We Hope.pdf (365 KB)

pdf 12-13-2015_Quid Est Veritas.pdf (326 KB)

pdf 12-6-2015_Lament of the Marginalized.pdf (251 KB)

pdf 11-29-2015_To You O Lord I Lift Up My Soul.pdf (338 KB)

pdf 11-22-2015_The Kingdom of God.pdf (322 KB)

pdf 11-15-2015_The Promise.pdf (318 KB)

pdf 11-8-2015_The Culture of Me.pdf (277 KB)

pdf 11-1-2015_Embracing The Darkness.pdf (345 KB)

pdf 10-25-2015_Defying The World.pdf (634 KB)

pdf 10-18-2015_All I Ask Of You.pdf (508 KB)

pdf 10-11-2015_The Wisdom of Faith.pdf (380 KB)

pdf 10-4-2015_The Sacrament of Marriage.pdf (341 KB)

pdf 9-27-2015_What Is Your Goal.pdf (454 KB)

pdf 9-20-2015_All About Me.pdf (415 KB)

pdf 9-13-2015_The Face of The Church.pdf (387 KB)

pdf 9-6-2015_Those In Need.pdf (342 KB)

pdf 8-30-2015_What Is Religion.pdf (375 KB)

pdf 8-23-2015_Back To The Basics V.pdf (673 KB)

pdf 8-16-2015_Back To The Basics IV.pdf (598 KB)

pdf 8-9-2015_Back To The Basics III.pdf (545 KB)

pdf 8-2-2015_Back To The Basics II.pdf (595 KB)

pdf 7-26-2015_Back To The Basics I.pdf (524 KB)

pdf 7-19-2015_The Care of All.pdf (534 KB)

pdf 7-12-2015_Vocation.pdf (557 KB)

pdf 7-5-2015_Resisting The Spirit.pdf (493 KB)

pdf 6-28-2015_Do You Believe In Faith.pdf (511 KB)

pdf 6-21-2015_Quiet-Be Still.pdf (600 KB)

pdf 6-14-2015_Live Within Faith.pdf (521 KB)

pdf 6-7-2015_Do We Live As We Are Loved.pdf (620 KB)

pdf 5-31-2015_The Presence of God.pdf (410 KB)

pdf 5-24-2015_Evoking Wonder.pdf (411 KB)

pdf 5-17-2015_Unity of The Spirit.pdf (509 KB)

pdf 5-10-2015_The Beauty Within.pdf (330 KB)

pdf 5-3-2015_Exist In Love.pdf (373 KB)

pdf 4-26-2015_Children of God.pdf (375 KB)

pdf 4-19-2015_Where Do You Live.pdf (379 KB)

pdf 4-12-2015_Wonder Is Born of Wonder.pdf (376 KB)

pdf 4-5-2015_Where Is God.pdf (361 KB)

pdf 3-29-2015_The Power of Prayer.pdf (361 KB)

pdf 3-22-2015_The Wonder of Prayer.pdf (472 KB)

pdf 3-15-2015_Exhortation of Prayer.pdf (514 KB)

pdf 3-8-2015_Thank You.pdf (453 KB)

pdf 3-1-2015_Letting Go.pdf (399 KB)

pdf 2-22-2015_Be Not Afraid of God.pdf (407 KB)

pdf 2-15-2015_In A Moment.pdf (209 KB)

pdf 2-8-2015_If I Should Suffer.pdf (360 KB)

pdf 2-1-2015_Understanding Truth.pdf (318 KB)

pdf 1-25-2015_Fishers of Men.pdf (337 KB)

pdf 1-18-2015_Are You Listening.pdf (287 KB)

pdf 1-11-2015_The Cry of A Christian.pdf (425 KB)

pdf 1-4-2015_Truly Present.pdf (282 KB)

 pdf 12-28-2014: The Family Is Holy (919 KB)

pdf 12-21-2014: The Wonder Of Life (1.32 MB)

pdf 12-14-2014: Unending Joy (1.09 MB)

pdf 12-7-2014: Prepare The Way (1.18 MB)

pdf 11-30-2014: Life Without Meaning (1.25 MB)

pdf 11-23-2014: Who Is God (250 KB)

pdf 11-16-2014: Who am I (244 KB)

pdf 11-9-2014: Live For Christ (258 KB)

pdf 11-2-2014: Where Is Heaven (264 KB)

pdf 10-26-2014: The Gaze of God (285 KB)

pdf 10-19-2014: What Belongs To God (274 KB)

pdf 10-12-2014: A Place For You (249 KB)

pdf 10-5-2014: Year of Marriage and Family (286 KB)

pdf 9-28-2014: Living The Gospel (420 KB)

pdf 9-21-2014: Experience Faith (442 KB)

pdf 9-14-2014: Exalt The Glory of The Cross (519 KB)

pdf 9-7-2014: Responsible (498 KB)

pdf 8-31-2014: True Happiness (182 KB)

pdf 8-24-2014: The Ways of Jesus (509 KB)

pdf 8-17-2014: One Family (173 KB)

pdf 8-10-2014: Walking On Water (190 KB)

pdf 8-3-2014: Believe-Trust-Faith (258 KB)

pdf 7-27-2014: Seek Your Faith (511 KB)

pdf 7-20-2014: Strength Through Weakness (600 KB)

pdf 7-13-2014: Fertile Hearts (521 KB)

pdf 7-6-2014: Trapped (368 KB)

pdf 6-29-2014: The Power of Faith (273 KB)

pdf 6-22-2014: The Church (244 KB)

pdf 6-15-2014: Part Time Christians (255 KB)

pdf 6-8-2014: Veni Sancte Spiritus (265 KB)

pdf 6-1-2014: See To Believe (277 KB)

pdf 5-25-2014: Love Instead of Judge (283 KB)

pdf 5-18-2014: Living Stones (208 KB)

pdf 5-11-2014: Christian Life (373 KB)

pdf 5-4-2014: The Path of Life (283 KB)

pdf 4-27-2014: Cry (280 KB)

pdf 4-20-2014: Rhythm Of Life (344 KB)

pdf 4-13-2014: Blessed Are Those Who Have Hope (348 KB)

pdf 4-6-2014: True Conversion (267 KB)

pdf 3-30-2014: We Believe (244 KB)

pdf 3-23-2014: I Thirst... (349 KB)

pdf 3-16-2014: Make Our Darkness Bright (255 KB)

pdf 3-9-2014: Surrender (253 KB)

pdf 3-2-2014: Give It Up (262 KB)

pdf 2-23-2014: Love One Another (396 KB)

pdf 2-16-2014:Don't Just Say It...Live It (272 KB)

pdf 2-9-2014: True Love (694 KB)

pdf 2-2-2014: The Light Of God (181 KB)

pdf 1-19-2014: Miracles (170 KB)

pdf 1-12-2014: Through Heaven's Eyes (168 KB)

pdf 1-5-2014: I AM (239 KB)

pdf 12-29-2013: God's With Us (331 KB)

pdf 12-22-2013: Liturgical Seasons (304 KB)

pdf 12-8-2013: Children Of God (481 KB)

pdf 12-1-2013: The Journey (288 KB)

pdf 11-24-2013: Jesus Our Shepard (220 KB)

pdf 11-17-2013: Disciples (232 KB)

pdf 11-10-2013: God Is Our Strength (271 KB)

pdf 11-3-2013: God's Mercy (357 KB)

pdf 10-27-2013: Prayer (186 KB)

pdf 10-20-2013: Peace Be With You (335 KB)

pdf 10-13-2013: Discernment From The Heart (219 KB)

pdf 10-6-2013: What Is Faith (351 KB)