Faith Formation Parents

December 29, 2017
Dear St. Patrick Faith Formation Parents (Adventurers and Fusion),
   I am very excited about being a part of your child/children’s learning concerning our wonderful Catholic Faith. The St. Patrick office just recently received the application forms for each child/family that were enrolled in Adventures or Fusion. We have been working diligently to get these inputted into the Parish Directory System this week. The applications had not been previously provided or inputted into the system. I have had no way to communicate with you all as a group, so I apologize for the delay in updating you with information regarding your child/children’s Faith Formation.
   The next scheduled classes for Faith Formation (Adventures) are January 7 th and January 10 th . I am meeting with the First Reconciliation children only on these two days.  Their Adventures’ teachers will be a part of this meeting as they have agreed to stay on with the new program.
   All K-5 Faith Formation (Adventures) children will begin new classes on January 21 st and January 24 th at the usual times.  Both Sunday and Wednesday classes will follow the same formats. Please bring your child/children to the Bonzel Hall where they will be checked in. We will all gather together and then break out into grade level groups. When the groups are finished with their activities, the children will come back together in the Bonzel Hall where you can sign them out.
   If your child is part of the Fusion program , I will be meeting with those children receiving the sacrament of First Reconciliation on the second Saturday of the month, January 13 th at the usual time.  All children will be receiving their First Reconciliation on January 20 thas previously planned.  There will be no Fusion family group meeting in January with the exception of meeting with those families that have children making the sacrament of First Reconciliation on January 20 th. But, in regards to the continuance of a family program, both Fr. Jim and I feel it is important to continue such a program at St. Patrick. Therefore, over the course of the next month, I will be reviewing the Faith and Life program to devise a family program.
   I am in tune to the difficulty the change at St. Patrick has caused you and your family. I was semi-retired when all of the changes occurred. I stepped forward to assist, because of my passion for educating children and my passion for the Catholic faith. My desire and hope is we can all work through this together and at the same time teach the children about faith and forgiveness.
Blessings and Peace,
Martha Kasper
Director of Religious Education