Weekly Update: April 15th

Thank you K-5 children, parents, and catechists for joining us this 2017/2018 faith formation year!


We are gearing up for an amazing and fun VBS July 8-13. Pick up a registration form from the church or print one from online!


Readings… In today’s gospel, Thomas did not believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Even when all his friends told Thomas that they saw Jesus, he still did not believe. Thomas only believed when he saw Jesus with his own eyes and touched Jesus with his own hands. Jesus reminds Thomas that faith is believing even when we do not see for ourselves. That does not mean we should believe everything we are told! But it does mean that we should use both our minds and our hearts together to decide what is true. That is faith.

This Week… Apr 16-St. Bernadette… Apr 17-St. Stephen Harding… Apr 18-St. Apollonius the Apologist… Apr 20-St. Francis Page… Apr 21-St. Anselm… Apr 22-Good Shepherd Sunday

Upcoming K-5 Events...

April 22--Family Fun Day: "Ice Scream for Jesus"

April 28--1st Eucharist Rehearsal

May 5--1st Eucharist Mass

June 2--Catechist Appreciation Dinner

July 8-13--VBS: "Lumen Fidei!/Light of Faith!"


1st Eucharist children: if you did not turn in your banners at the retreat yesterday, bring those in to the office asap so we can hang them up!

K-5 Schedule - Spring of 2018!

A downloadable version:  pdf K 5 Schedule Spring 2018 B (175 KB)pdf
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K-5 Curriculum - Spring 2018

K-5 Faith Formation & VBS Contact

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Director of Children's Faith Formation Programs

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